Special offers

A bright and cosy atmosphere is provided through little details such as this lantern

For companies, long-term guests and neighbours we are happy to offer some special deals such as our neighbourhood tariff.


Do you live on our street or close by? If so, let us know when you make your reservation.

Neighbourhood tariff* 3,00 € price reduction per night

* not valid for stays of 1 night.


Are you or one of your relatives in treatment at the UKE? If you have written confirmation of this, we are happy to offer you our UKE-tariff:

Price for a single apartment from 68,00 €
Price for a double bedroom apartment from 79,90 €
Price for a triple bedroom apartment from 95,00 €

Long-term bookings for relatives or patients can be arranged by phone.


Do you need accommodation for at least one week?

Weekly price for a single apartment 427,00 €
Weekly price for a double bedroom apartment 539,00 €
Weekly price for a triple bedroom apartment 609,00 €
Weekly price for the  644,00 €  for 2 people
Weekly price for the 1 bedroom flat 763,00 €  for 3 people
Weekly price for the 1 bedroom flat 812,00 €  for 4 people

Monthly price for the apartments does not include 7% VAT.

1 bedroom flat 2 people 3 people 4 people
Weekly price 714,00 € 861,00 € 980,00 €

These special prices are only valid for stays of 7 nights. Normal prices apply to all earlier departures.


Please be aware that since 1st January 2013 Hamburg charges a ‘culture and tourism tax’ for all private stays in the city. You are exempt from this tax if you can provide written proof that you received treatment at the UKE or that you are on a business trip.

All offers are subject to availability and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw special offers at any time.