Special offers

For companies, long-term guests and attendees of seminars we are happy to offer some special deals.


Are you or one of your relatives in treatment at the UKE? If you have written confirmation of this, we are happy to offer you our UKE-tariff:

Price for a single apartment from 68,00 €
Price for a double bedroom apartment from 79,90 €
Price for a triple bedroom apartment from 93,00 €

Long-term bookings for relatives or patients can be arranged by phone.

Do you need accommodation for at least one week?

Weekly price for a single apartment from 462,00 €
Weekly price for a double bedroom apartment from 546,00 €
Weekly price for a triple bedroom apartment from 616,00 €

Monthly price for the apartments does not include 7% VAT.

1 bedroom flat 2 people 3 people 4 people
Weekly price from 728,00 € from 861,00 € from 980,00 €

These special prices are only valid for stays of 7 nights. Normal prices apply to all earlier departures.


Please note that since 01 January 2023 the city of Hamburg charges a culture and tourism tax for ALL stays, which we have to include in our invoice. It increases the total amount, but is not part of our flat price. We kindly ask you to take this into account.


All arrangement prices are subject to change and only apply if there is free capacity.